Where is Bedard Yacht Design

$150 Flat-rate shipping Ozona Kits, shop sign, 2mm Okoume plywood in, vacations and kayaks!

Our preliminary work on the commercial design is done after more than 2 months.  The client is now presenting to builders using the package we prepared.  He’s quite pleased with the work done, which involved building and towing two models that were towed for performance analysis, and that if it was not for the non-disclosure agreement, we’d have all over the site.  Great footage; And the client promised to let us use it once the real boat is floating in her slip.

The good news is that it means we finally have some time to allocate to the shop and the office, which are both in need of some attention.  First order of business: Read more

BEDARD YACHT DESIGN LLC 42160 US Highway 19 North #25, Tarpon Springs FL 34683 727-488-4573

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