R1430 Recreational Kayak Full-Size Templates, Plans and Manual (Download)

  • stitch and glue recreational kayak
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    This will buy you the R1430 Recreational Kayak’s DOWNLOADABLE plan set, full size templates and instruction manual.



Save on shipping and materials with our downloadable R1430 Recreational kayak plan set.  With this purchase, you’ll get digitally protected files that you can print yourself.

Included are digital files for:

24″x18″ (Arch C) Lines Drawing

24″x18″ (Arch C) Outboard Profile  & Deck Plan

24″x18″ (Arch C) Construction Profile & Plan

24″x18″ (Arch C) Construction Sections

24″x18″ (Arch C) Construction Details

24″x ±25ft Full-size templates (can be printed on 24″ roll printer)

8-1/2″x11″ Panels Layout

8-1/2″x11″ Panels List and IDs

8-1/2″x11″ Instruction manual

Once you place your order, please allow us about one week to complete your plan set and prepare your personalized copy of the files.

Check out the compete specs of this boat here

To complete this boat you’ll need approximately:

4 sheets of 4mm marine grade plywood

1-1/2 gallon of epoxy

1/2 gallon of wood flour or other structural filler

12 yards of 4oz/sq.yd. Fiberglass cloth

30-40yd 6oz cloth tape x 2″wide

10ft carbon tow

Seat, footrests, hatch lids, paddle and other hardware.

Some fairing filler if the boat is to be painted


Download instructions

Upon completion of the order, you will receive an email from sales@bedardyachtdesign.com titled Your Bedard Yacht Design order from (date) is complete 

In this email, in addition to your order details, there is a download link (circled in red in the image below).  Clicking on this link will initiate the download of the purchased file.

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