Okoume Marine-Grade Plywood

  • Bruynzeel Okoume Hechtout Marine-Grade Plywoods BS-1088
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    Marine-Grade Okoume Plywood 4’x8′ Panel

    Bruynzeel HECHTOUT British Standard 1088



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Product Description

Okoume, (aucoumea klaineana) aka Angooma, Gaboon or Combogala is an African medium sized hardwood tree. It is the lightest of marine-grade plywood products, between 8-12% lighter than Meranti.
BS 1088 Standard. Equal thickness, okoume veneers each layers, no void, light weight, strong+, painted or bright finish, excellent bending.
Water & Boil Proof Glue
Okoume is a fast growing tree and therefore is not endangered, it is environmentally friendly.

Additional Information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 96 x 48 x 0.25 in

2mm (0.08″), 3mm (0.12″), 4mm (0.16″), 6mm (0.24″), 9mm (0.35″), 12mm (0.47″), 15mm (0.59″), 18mm (0.71″), 25mm (0.98″)

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