Ozona Pram Sailing Package

  • Ozona Prak sailing kit
    • Ozona rudder tiller
    • Ozona rudder tiller
  • $379.99



This package will allow you to build the rudder and centerboard for the Ozona Pram.  It includes:

Okoume Rudder (basic contour in two halves, ready to be glued and shaped)

Laminated Okoume tiller blank

Okoume mast step

Okoume Centerboard (basic contour in two halves, ready to be glued and shaped)

Pintle & Gudgeon set with rudder secure-pin

316 Stainless Steel rudder to tiller junction plates (2)

Supersized Butterfly welded nut for rudder

required fasteners

Fiberglass cloth for rudder and centerboard

Adhesive backed Ozona Pram Insignia (2)

*Note that this package does not include spars, sail, hiking stick and epoxy.  These can be bought directly from our suppliers, whom we’ll be happy to direct you to.

Ozona rudder tiller
(Hiking stick not included)
Ozona rudder tiller

okoume sailing package
Ozona Pram Sailing Package

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