Ozona Pram Sailing Option Plan Set

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This plan set will allow you to build the rudder, centerboard, tiller and mast step for the Ozona Pram.

It consists of:

24″x18″ (Arch C) Sailing Option Details

24″x43″ Full Size Templates

Materials List

1 4’x8′ sheets of Marine-Grade 6mm Plywood (1/4″), you’ll use ±1/4 of it.

1 4’x8′ sheet of Marine-Grade 9mm Plywood (3/8″), you’ll use ±1/2 of it.

3-4 yards of 6ozX60″ cloth

±1/3gal. mixed epoxy


** This product is the same as what you’d get if you add the sailing option to the purchase of the Ozona Pram Plan Set (Paper).  There is no need to add this product separately if you do so.




Ozona rudder tiller
(Hiking stick not included)
Ozona rudder tiller

okoume sailing package
Ozona Pram Sailing Package

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

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