Ozona Pram Plan Set, Full Size Templates and Assembly Manual (Download only)

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    Download our gorgeous Ozona Pram’s Plan Set, full-size templates and Assembly Manual and build it according to your schedule, on your budget.




Product Description

This is the way to go if you have a few sheets of marine plywood leftover from a previous project, or if you live in a place where the price of shipping a kit is prohibitive.

Save on shipping and materials with our downloadable Ozona Pram plan set.  With this purchase, you’ll get digitally protected files that you can print yourself.

Included are digital files for:

24″x18″ (Arch C) Lines Drawing

24″x18″ (Arch C) Outboard Profile  & Deck Plan

24″x18″ (Arch C) Construction Profile & Plan

24″x18″ (Arch C) Construction Sections

24″x18″ (Arch C) Construction Details

24″x200″ Full-size templates (can be printed on 24″ roll printer)

8-1/2″x11″ Panels Layout

8-1/2″x11″ Panels List and IDs

Upon purchase, we will send you a link within 24 hours with your personalized copy of the files.

Full-size templates

Materials List

3 4’x8′ sheets of Marine-Grade 6mm Plywood (1/4″), you’ll use 2-1/4 of it.

1 4’x8′ sheet of Marine-Grade 9mm Plywood (3/8″), you’ll use 3/4 of it.

Solid mahogany:

(2x) 96″x1/2″x3/4″ Rubrails

(2x) 12″x1″x3/4″ Centerboard Trunk Fwd & Aft Pieces

(1x) 6″x28″x3/4″ Fwd and 2 Aft knees

Epoxy supplies (rough guide only):

1-1/2 Gal. Mixed Epoxy (Such as 1 Gal. resin + 1/2 Gal. Activator)

1/2 Gal. Wood Flour

1 Qt. Micro-Balloons

6 Yd Fiberglass Cloth 6oz x 60″

25 Yards Fiberglass tape 6oz x 4″

Sailing version

The sailing option will get you the full-size templates for the dagger-board, rudder, tiller, mast step, as well as assembly details.  The Ozona Pram uses a regular Optimist rig, so rig details are not included.  The specs to build wooden spars can be had on demand.

**Please allow us a few extra days to prepare the sailing options files, as this is a new product.



Ozona Pram Ply Sheet Layout 2 160308
Panels layout
Parts list & ID

For more details and pictures, samples of the plan drawings and more, see the full specs of this design here

Additional Information

Sailing Option

Non-Sailing, Sailing

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