Fillet tool, 5-pieces set

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CNC-cut 5-pieces fillet tool

Epoxy-fillets are at the core of Stitch&Glue boat building.  This set of 5 pieces will give you the flexibility to control precisely how much epoxy you leave on your joints. From the tiny 3/8″ to the massive 5″ radius, your bases are covered with 9 different radii for any application & panel angle. People tend to overlook the importance of the proper fillet radius: Too thin and the joint will be weak, too thick and the final weight of the craft will suffer, not to mention the price tag of epoxy.


Cut out of Okoume 3mm plywood, they can be sanded to an edge or used as-is;  Just snap off the one you need.  If you take the time to clean them off they can be reused over and over again.



Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 9 x 0.5 in

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