On The Drawing Board

Here’s where you’ll find the designs we are working on right now.  This page goes into details for each of them and is updated regularly so CHECK BACK OFTEN!

16ft Center Console

One of our customers wants an all-around powerboat for Tampa Bay and St Joseph Sound capable of day trips with the family on the water, or fishing with 2 buddies.  75hp outboard, capable of 35mph (35kts) and draft less than 10″.  Wood/epoxy stitch and glue construction will permit easy and fast DIY home construction and an aluminum version will be available for professional builders. ETA: November 2016


Stand UP Paddleboard

This board is 13ft long, 30″ wide and have a volume of 200L, making it a good beginner to intermediate board.  Standard fin-box means you can use any fin you like, or match it to the conditions. Finished weight ±30lb.  Stitch and glue construction, suited for first-time build.


RAID CLASS 15ft sailboat

Shallow draft, rowable, unstayed carbon masts, ketch rig.  Wood-epoxy Stitch and glue construction.  We will sell her as a kit.  High performance cocktail: Light weight, high stability and high sail area.  Ideal beam for rowing, kick-up rudder and steel pivoting centerboard, wing water ballast tanks for high performance or beanbag sailing. 15ft LOA, 6ft Beam, 450lb Trailering weight.  This design has moved to its own page as the prototype build has started  RoG Micro-cruiser


Sailing Kayak

An combo touring/sailing kayak.  Good storage and stowable rig that could be deployed and stowed from the cockpit.  Ability to point fairly high.  This design would meet Everglades Challenge Class3 w/leeboards and Class4 with centerboard


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