Custom Work

Weather you are a demanding fisherman that needs more than what can be found in a showroom, a sailor with specific ideas and priorities as to what makes a seaworthy vessel, or a dreamer that wants a truly unique craft, we have the knowledge to transform your dreams into an actual boat.


If your vessel was damaged by fire, burglary, collision or any other event that involves your insurance, it might be prudent to hire a qualified Small Craft Naval Architect to properly protect your investment.  Bedard Yacht Design can help you navigate the numerous options that will have a dramatic effect on the future value of your vessel, including finding the right boat yard, the most up to date equipment and of course, design them into your existing boat.

Rudder & Appendages design and optimization.

We specialize in high performance rudders design.  Foam-cored, vaccuum-bagged epoxy blades that will increase the speed, balance your helm, and raise the stall angle of your boat.  We have worked in conjunction with  who have built our designs for demanding customers.  We can design and CNC-cut the ideal profile for your boat’s rudder or centerboard.  We’ve had great success with wood/epoxy foils, saving a ton of weight over molded halves while retaining 100% strength.  We vacuum-bag and post-cure our blades for extra strength and minimal weight.

Wow! I tested the new rudder today with 25kts on-the-wind. It was a beauty. The touch was super soft, like never before. Bravo, it’s perfect! P. Boissé, Owner of Premier Vent Sailing School
Rudder designed by BYD, built by Competition Composites
Rudder designed by BYD, built by Competition Composites


Astus Trimaran rudderblade, 40% weight saving!
CNC-shaped centerboard & cast lead insert before lamination


Vacuum bagging our blades ensures maximum weight saving

Power analysis and tuneup

Power analysis and tuneup.  She is not going as fast as she should?  Your fuel efficiency is suffering?  Which prop to choose?  Don’t put your trust and your dollars into the hands of unscrupulous and under-qualified counselors.  You get what you pay for, of course, but hiring Bedard Yacht Design to look over your vessel’s performance and give you professional, unbiased advise is a sure way to save big in the long run.  Selecting the right prop for the right gear box for the right engine takes some serious number crunching, and even more when you take into account fuel efficiency, range and engine longevity.  Don’t waste your money by not hiring us.

Systems design & integration

You’ve heard the adage: Measure twice, cut once, right?  Same applies to boating. A improperly planned upgrade will rapidly turn into a money pit and most times, sub-par performance, which in turn, will ask for more cash.

Let Bedard Yacht Design make sure that you’ll plan once, pay once & install once.

Again, don’t waste your money by not hiring us.

Production Boat Building Support

Hatch receiver plug, 30″x60″. Round gutter and 3° draft angle. This will go on a 45′ production sportfish
26 slices of mdf computer-cut to give a 3° draft angle.

Our office has the expertise and experience to offer a one-stop support shop for small and medium production boat builders.  We can design your hull, CNC-cut, build and tow a model.  We have extensive experience cutting plugs out of MDF.  We regularly cut plastics such as Starboard, UHMPE, PVC, acrylic, polycarbonate and even Corian.  We manufacture polyethylene & PVC substrates for manufacturers of OEM boat seats. Most of the objects we cut, we designed and as such, all you need to do is show up with an idea and we can create it for you.

bay boat model
36″ model of a 16foot Bay Boat
We built & towed this 8ft model of a commercial design for performance analysis.
Sometimes, spending a little money can end up saving a huge amount.

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