R1430 Recreational Kayak
F1430 Fishing Kayak

We have 2 newKayak kits:  The R1430 Recreational kayak and the F1430 Fishing kayak.  Both built on our 140ft x 30in wide super efficient hull, they offer 2 variations of a very light craft that’s easy to build and that will perform well on the water.

We are proud to introduce our new Workshops and Build-Along classes, and to celebrate the beginning of the school year, and of our classes, we are offering for a limited time only FREE SHIPPING* on all our wood components kits.  More than $150 value! That’s right: Until September 15th, you can get the Ozona Pram wood kits in either Okoume or Meranti, our new R1430 Recreational Kayak or our new F1430 Fishing kayak wood components shipped to your home FREE!

Another crazy deal that we’re putting on:  Any student that registers for all three modules of the first session of our Boat Building Workshops, from October through December 2016 runs the chance of winning the boat we will build together in the class!  That’s right:  We’ll build a F1430 Fishing Kayak in the class together, and when it’s all said and done, 1 of the 5 students will go home with a FREE BOAT! That’s a 20% chance of winning a free boat, and that will only happen for our first session!  ACT QUICK, there’s only 5 spots!

*Offer valid only for the US lower 48 states continental.  Bedard Yacht Design retains the right to cancel this promotion without notice. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.  Please allow up to one week from order time to shipping time.

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